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Time to step up and lead Ghanaians Queensland

06 Oct Time to step up and lead Ghanaians Queensland

“I am committed to keep standing and serving Ghanaians Queensland. I am hopeful I will not be standing alone for young, talented Ghanaians, brimming with a spirit of community service, will stand with me to lead.”

As we get ready for our Annual General Meeting to elect the next Management Committee members, it is time again to ask people to stand up, step up and contribute to leading our association.

This is my impassioned plea for everyone to take the opportunity to stand for Management Committee positions in the coming year, and continue the tradition of community service that started this association, and keeps it going.

The seeds for service are already alive in the community. It is great seeing the many Ghanaians who always support our events – the first to turn up and ask how they can help – cooking, serving food and washing dishes, MCing events, helping set up, and many more. This support is vital to delivering our initiatives.

I am imploring everyone to take their support to the next level and consider leading the association in one of the committee positions. It will require a bit more of your time and more regular commitment, for keeping our association going takes many hands; and delivering the events, initiatives and services that unites our community requires many talents.  Left to a few, this becomes a big task. But when we all contribute regularly, it makes light work.

As many have heard me say; when I have too much on my plate between work, family and friends commitments and volunteering, I often wonder why I do it. It would be much easier to give it up and take it easy. But then nothing gets started or done with that attitude. It is the sacrifice we must all make if we want to build up our community.

But I don’t see it as just a sacrifice; rather an opportunity to contribute and have meaningful and positive impact. It is our chance to serve our community in a tangible way and we will see our achievements on a regular basis.

I especially call on the young people in the community to take up this opportunity. Our association began in 1995. It was started by the youth of the community back then; those in their 20s and 30s who saw the need to bring the growing Ghanaian community together. They have done their bit. They are now our elders and they rightly look to the youth of today to take our place in serving the community.

It is our time to stand up, step up and lead.

Akua Afriyie Ahenkorah


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