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Online hub for the Ghanaian Community in Queensland
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Become a member

Ghanaians Queensland – be part of it

We want the Ghanaian diaspora to be a great community because everyone is part of it.

That’s why we launched the Ghanaians Queensland – be part of it membership campaign.


Why membership is important

We rely on membership funds to keep the association running, pay for administrative needs like our PO Box and website hosting, and put on free community events for everyone. Maintaining an incorporated association for our community allows us to apply for government funding and secure discounts on some purchases.

In a community of our size, we have the opportunity to encourage more people to contribute to the association’s viability by becoming financial members.

From $20 for youth, $30 for individuals, $40 for couples and $50 for families, these are small and affordable annual fees that can add up to valuable support for our community.

Joining is easy

Fill out a form, then pay your fees by electronic funds transfer, add the reference to the form and email it to us.

Read our membership protocol

Contact us for more info on 0469 867 491

Membership options

  • Individual

  • $30Per year
  • Ghanaian or spouse of a Ghanaian resident in Queensland

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  • Couple

  • $40per year
  • Ghanaian and his or her spouse who are residents in Queensland

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  • Family

  • $50per year
  • Ghanaian, spouse and all children under 18 years of age

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  • Youth

  • $20per year
  • Young Ghanaians between 18 and 25 years of age in Queensland

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