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Ghanaians Queensland – 20 year anniversary

Ghanaians Queensland celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. The then Ghana-Australia Association of Queensland was established in 1995 by the growing number of Ghanaians in Brisbane to bring the community together. Two decades on, it has become the oldest continuous African community organisation in Queensland, galvanising our diaspora into a cohesive group. It is a proud achievement for our community.

We marked the anniversary in September with the Ghana Kente Gala. Throughout the year, we also had several initiates for the community to contribute to and share in the celebrations.

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  • Ghana Kente Gala

    Ghana Kente Gala

    the gala in September will be the flagship event of our anniversary celebrations. It will be a formal affair in the evening

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  • Anniversary football game

    Anniversary football game

    An opportunity for everyone in the wider community to join in the celebrations at a free community football game and BBQ

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  • Celebrate community builders

    Celebrate community builders

    Let us know about the people whose contribution to the community is worth acknowledging

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  • Share your memories

    Share your memories

    Help us piece together our history by sharing your memories - photos, stories and memorabilia.

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  • Reconnect 20 years of community

    Reconnect 20 years of community

    Help reconnect our entire Ghanaian community and give people the opportunity to join in the celebrations

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  • Sponsor anniversary celebrations

    Sponsor anniversary celebrations

    Take the opportunity to contribute to the anniversary celebrations through financial or in-kind sponsorship

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  • Join organising team

    Join organising team

    Become part of the organising team and help deliver a great anniversary program

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  • 20 years of Management Committee

    20 years of Management Committee

    Help us complete our Management Committee history over the last two decades

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  • Strengthen GQ with your membership

    Strengthen GQ with your membership

    Help secure the association's future for the next 20 years with your membership

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