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Online hub for the Ghanaian Community in Queensland
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About the association


Our vision

Ghanaians Queensland – a great community because everyone is part of it

Our vision is about welcoming new Ghanaians into the community, engaging Ghanaians in regional Queensland and encouraging people to volunteer their time and skills to support the association’s activities and each other.

Our mission

To be a community-centred and well balanced support network for Ghanaians in Queensland and for each member to feel supported. We want Ghanaians Queensland to be known for:

  • celebrating major milestones in the Ghanaian community and each other’s achievements
  • supporting individuals in times of grieve and hardship
  • keeping our cultures and traditions alive and sharing it with the wider Australian community
  • instilling in our young people the spirit of community service both within the association and in the wider community
  • building partnerships that will help sustain the association’s viability
  • connecting with other African cultures and communities, and participating in Africa-wide activities

About Ghanaians Queensland

Ghanaians Queensland is about connecting all Ghanaians in Queensland, celebrating our rich cultures and sharing it with the rest of Queensland, and promoting our homeland to the outside world.

The strength of our community and the association is the result of the hard work and foundations that so many people since in the 1990s have built. As the expat population began to grow, we saw the need to create an association to develop the community and bring it together; giving birth to the Ghana-Australia Association of Queensland in 1995. Over the last 21 years, the association has been at the heart of the Ghanaian community in Queensland.

Ghanaians Queensland, as we now call the association, has been through its highs and lows, but it has always endured because of the value we place on it, the work members put in to continue its development and the potential it has to keep uniting us.

Our Management Committee

Our Management Committee is the team picked by the community each year to lead the association, deliver on its vision and make sure our community continues to be united and active. The team includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, and other positions to help with the day to day running of the association. Serving on the committee, like all other work for the association, is voluntary.

The Management Committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting.