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About Ghana

Ghanaians draw our heritage from the kaleidoscope of ethnic groups, diversity of cultures, rich ancient customs and a defining history that marks our Ghanaian identity. In many ways, our cultures stand still, in homage to valued traditions, and move at a rapid pace in pursuit of modernity. It is what has made Ghana one of the most progressive countries on the continent.

Ghanaians trace our history as far back as the 10th century when our ancestors, migrated from modern day Mali, created the ancient Ghana Empire and built a trading society. Portuguese and later English colonisation vastly changed the nations of the area, who fought several armed rebellions against the Europeans.

Most people know Ghana as the first colonised country in Africa to fight and win its freedom, becoming an independent state on 6 March 1957. This is an immense sense of pride for Ghanaians everywhere. Since 1992, Ghana has continued to build on this sense of pride, embarking on political, social and economic transformation that has earned it the tag of being ‘a beacon of democracy, unity and progress in Africa’.

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